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and Take YOUR Business to the Next Level!

1. Network, Learn & Grow
The Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce provides over 50 business-to-business networking events each year such as Leads Exchange, Lunch n’ Learn educational sessions and workshops, and business development opportunities like Experience Goodlettsville. Whether you’re looking to connect with other area business leaders or improve the way you do business, we have numerous events that will meet your business objectives.

2. Consumer Trust
Associate your business with one of the oldest and most respected brands in the world. The term “Chamber of Commerce” dates back over 400 years! A 2012 study by the Schapiro Group revealed that when a business is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, consumers react positively:
• 80% increase in Likelihood of Future Patronage
• 73% increase in Consumer Awareness
• 49% increase in Consumer Favorability

3. Increase Referrals
Potential customers view The Goodlettsville Chamber online business directory over 2,500 times per month! This does not include the countless word of mouth referrals from fellow Chamber members. How many referrals are you missing by not being a Chamber member?

4. Member Only Services
Chamber members receive exclusive members’ only services such as opportunities to over 625 business email contacts, member-to-member discounts, and new business ribbon cutting events including a press release and social media

5. Invest in A Healthy Local Economy
By partnering with over 400 Chamber members, you will be personally investing in the present and future economic growth of Goodlettsville and customer growth for your business.

6. Invest for Less
What other business vehicles offer you a year’s worth of unique and valuable networking and marketing opportunities? Whether it is the advertising, marketing, or referral opportunities, you can’t beat this type of community exposure for such a minimal investment.

7. Join Local Key Advisors
Premier Partners and Connections Champions make a vital commitment to the economic development of the Goodlettsville Area through their enhanced investment in the Chamber. In turn, they are our valued key advisors and enjoy exclusive benefits.

8. Personal and Professional Development
The Chamber provides at least 5 opportunities per year for our members to grow personally and/or professionally ranging from Goodlettsville Young Professionals to Women Empowering Women, to specialized workshops or seminars.

9. Be Visible, Make an Impact
Collaborative efforts with other community partners insure a positive impact on the quality of life in Goodlettsville. With events such as the Salty Dog Festival, Experience Goodlettsville, and Music on Main, the Chamber strives to enhance our community with unique events that bring people out to our city.

10. Get Involved
Be known throughout the Chamber by lending your knowledge and expertise by serving on one of our exciting committees. Whether it’s planning an event, supporting education or marketing tourism, the Chamber offers over15 opportunities to build your business while promoting development of keen interests to local businesses and the community at large.


Tiered membership allows you to select your level of investment in the Chamber and understand clearly what you receive in return. Invest in what you need today and as your business needs evolve, we are ready, with a plan that will suit your future needs as well.

BUILD - The BUSINESS LEVEL is designed for the new small business owner seeking to enhance visibility and BUILD business contacts through Chamber networking
programs and events. (Not available to businesses with more than 10 employees)

Business Level: $225 

Estimated Value: $2,675

GROW - The PARTNER LEVEL is recommended for businesses that have established an identity and are recognized in the marketplace, yet seek additional opportunities to GROW. (Not available to businesses with more than 25 employees)

Partner Level: $375

Estimated Value: $2,930

CONNECT - The CLASSIC LEVEL is recommended for businesses that are planning to build additional clients, customers, and relationships with other businesses. They will continue to strengthen their involvement and CONNECT in the community and in the Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Classic Level : $550

Estimated Value: $3,620

INFLUENCE - The VISIONARY LEVEL is for businesses and organizations that have the ability to be on the leading edge in our area. These businesses are successful because of their ability to INFLUENCE while being
creative and innovative.

Visionary Level: $775

Estimated Value: $4,080


Membership terms are one year from the date of application acceptance




Includes all of the value and benefits associated with Business Level



Estimated Value: $2,675

*Includes Individuals, Elected Officials/Candidates, Non-Profit Organizations, Individuals Employed or Contracted by a Current Member (Ex: Real Estate Agents, etc)



Estimated Value: $2,675



Membership: $1,750-$7,500 Estimated Value: $9,250-$17,680

*Members at the Premier Partner Level invest in the Chamber at a significant level while contributing strategically to the larger vision of initiatives.  See a Chamber Staff Representative for Premier Partner Opportunities

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If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce please call the Chamber office at (615) 859-7979.


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